Sunday, July 13, 2014

Regarding Thai "American Bashing"

July 14, 2014 (Mike Pirsch) - Frequent contributor, Eric Bahrt, labels those who he claims are "American bashers" as "certifiable idiots". His outrage, it seems, comes from criticism of America's response to the coup in Thailand. He claims America is required by law to not support any country which comes to power as a result of a military coup.

Maybe Bahrt has been asleep the last 40-50 years as America has backed coup after coup in countries that are not obedient to America. I will simply list countries America has backed coups in this century:

Iraq 2003--invasion in violation of international law. America completely destroyed this country and if we are honest bears responsibility for the ISIS, which America funded, trained and armed in Syria.

Venezuela 2003:  Attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez, providing money, logistics and other aid. Coup failed when millions of Chavez supporters converged on the presidential palace.
Bolivia  2008: America backed separatists attempt through violence to carve out a new country on Bolivian territory. The crime? America does not like Evo Morales the elected leader of Bolivia.

Honduras 2009:  America backs military coup against Zelaya, whose crime was to suggest holding a referendum to see, only , if Hondurans were interested in drafting a new constitution. Even the American ambassador cabled this coup violated Honduran law. But Bahrt's favorite constitutional scholar refused to call it a coup and now the murderous Honduran military is in charge.

Paraguay 2012: The American embassy is involved in riding the country of its president Lugo. this time through a legislative coup.

Libya 2011: America becomes Al Qaeda's air force resulting in the wholesale destruction of Libya and the sodomy and murder of Gadaffi. The pretexts were later proved to be false.
Syria 2012: Fresh from destroying Libya, the Al Qaeda fighters move on to Syria, resulting in the destruction of that country.

Egypt 2013: America refuses to call a military coup a coup thus avoiding getting on the wrong side of the military coup executors.

Ukraine 2014: Victoria Nuland, assistant Secretary of State, brags about spending over $5 billion to overthrow Ukraine government over a 10 year period. The coup followed a deal brokered by Poland and Germany wherebvy the former oresident would call elections in November 2014. The next day the coup happened.

I would be remiss in not including Haiti, where America removed President Aristide twice. Arisitide in his last election to the presidency received over 90% of the vote. America didn't like him so America kidnapped him and sent him to Central African Republic.

Bahrt speaks of American values. We have no such thing. We are interested only in control of so-called sovereign countries. If we don't like you will get rid of your leaders or give you the Iraq, Libya, Syria treatment.

Insofar as being a constitutional scholar, Obama has followed Bush as the greatest destroyer of the Bill of Rights contained in the U.S. Constitution. He claims the right to kill any American he desires as well as any foreigner he wants to kill. The NSA spying also violates the constitution.

When these facts are raised, it is not American bashing, rather it is an attempt to lift the veil of falsehoods so people can see more clearly.