Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thailand: An Opposition Focused on Gossip, Not Facts, Lacks Legitimacy

Real evidence of crimes, versus alleged gossip and paparazzi screed reveals an opposition predicated on self-serving greed, not "democracy." 
July 29, 2016 (ATN) - Thaksin Shinawatra represents a significant investment by Wall Street, Washington, London, and Brussels. He was to be a vector into not only Thailand, its political institutions, and the nation's people and resources, but also a means by which the West - who has historically maintained domination over the peoples of Asia - could extend its unwarranted "primacy" over the Asian region well into the future.

His rise and fall has been accompanied consistently for years by political and media support from these Western interests. Some of the largest Western lobbying firms on Earth have lent their expertise in building up Shinawatra and his supporters' reputation and clout both in Thailand and abroad. This includes a virtual army of US and European-funded nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that shamelessly hide behind "activism" and "academia" to pursue politically-motivated objectives.

Despite this full spectrum support, Shinawatra's many and still multiplying crimes make it virtually impossible to portray him and his supporters as anything less than dangers who must be removed permanently from Thailand's political and civil landscape.

Shinawatra Committed Very Real Crimes 

Shinawatra is a convicted criminal currently hiding abroad to avoid a 2 year jail term as well as numerous other pending cases likely to extend his stay in prison. He is guilty of mass murdering nearly 3,000 innocent people in 2003, another 85 in 2004, and was behind back-to-back riots in Bangkok between 2009-2010 that left nearly 100 dead, thousands injured, and sections of the city and countryside in ruins.

Image: Heavily armed terrorists have been repeatedly employed by Thaksin Shinawatra and his political movement to intervene amid political impasses. Over 100 people have been killed by these terrorists - known as "black shirts" - who have attacked and killed people beginning in 2010 and continuing until the military coup in 2014 when finally the army swept the country and disrupted their networks. 
Shinawatra's opponents can cite a long list of enumerated criminal offenses that make him and what he represents unfit for political power in Thailand. He and his supporters on the other hand, have no such evidence regarding the targets of their political attacks. This includes Thailand's courts, its military, and its monarchy.

Instead, they have resorted to puerile conjecture about the private lives of their political and ideological opponents, predicated on innuendo, paparazzi tactics, humiliation, and other absolutely irrelevant allegations that even if proven true, have no bearing whatsoever on the public lives and service to Thailand any of these people or institutions provide.

People's Alleged Private Lives Have No Relevance to Their Public Service 

All people are entitled to their private lives, and as long as their private lives do not intersect with their public service and responsibilities, targeting their private lives represents an illegitimate and desperate tactic, wielded by those who only prove further they have no place in a civilized society.

While Shinawatra and his "opposition" front attempts to predicate their increasingly violent and illegal actions to seize power upon pursuing "democracy" and the "rule of law," they have categorically failed to quantify how the system they are opposed to is guilty of transgressing against either, while they themselves flagrantly and repeatedly transgress against both.

Image: Billions in rice, stolen from Thailand's rice farmers and either illegally sold by Shinawatra's government, or left to rot in warehouses, is just one of many well-documented, very real crimes against Thailand and its people committed by Shinawatra and his supporters. 
That the summation of their current campaign to undermine Thailand's government and institutions depends on personal attacks, gossip, slander, and insults, proves that they lack any substantial grievances.

Lack of Real Grievances Exposes Opposition as Self-Serving 

This was not the case when protesters took to the streets in 2013-2014 against Shinawatra himself. Protesters did not need to resort to insults, name-calling, and attempting to leverage irrelevant aspects of Shinawatra's private life because they had an enumerate list of very real crimes Shinawatra committed publicly in his capacity as both a prime minister and as an opposition figure in exile, wielding unwarranted power from abroad.

While Thailand's enemies today focus on irrelevant gossip and rumors, Thailand has been able to repeatedly point out very real, very serious, and very relevant crimes and atrocities committed by Shinawatra and his supporters.

That Shinawatra and the many Western news outlets assisting him must dig up "home videos" and alleged paparazzi photos of Thailand's leadership, while they themselves have evidence against them of mass murder, terrorism, criminal corruption amounting to billions in stolen cash, and millions of disrupted or destroyed lives, reveals a deficit in legitimacy not only between Shinawatra and those in Thailand he is fighting, but also between what the West claims its journalists, institutions, and laws represent, and how they are really being used.

Gossip, Slander are Tools of US Destabilization 

However, the US government in particular, realizes that many people are not swayed by actual facts, and that juicy gossip is a powerful tool of persuasion when attempting to divide and destroy the source of a people's strength. The Guardian would reveal in its article, "CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape," that:
According to the Washington Post's security blog, some of America's spooks believed that shooting a fake video of Saddam cavorting with a teenage boy might destabilise his regime in the runup to the US-led invasion in 2003. "It would look like it was taken by a hidden camera. Very grainy, like it was a secret videotaping of a sex session," the Washington Post quoted one former CIA official as saying. 

Nor was the Saddam sex tape the only idea floating around the more bizarre corners of the CIA's Iraq Operations Group. Other ploys involved interrupting Iraqi television with a false newsflash that would announce Saddam was handing over power to his hated and feared son Uday. The presumed idea was to shock the Iraqi people into rising up against their leaders and thus make the invasion a lot easier. 

Perhaps thankfully, the tape and fake news broadcast were never made and the Post reported that top CIA brass repeatedly rejected the ideas. 

But that did not stop a CIA video being shot of a fake Osama bin Laden sitting around a camp fire, drinking booze and boasting of his own gay conquests.
The US has also skillfully used Wikileaks, cherry picking information and spinning it to give it greater importance. In some cases, information could be verified as fact, in others, it was clearly hearsay - sometimes three or four times removed from the primary source - or in other words - irrelevant, baseless gossip.

The US knows that Thailand is nearing a critical juncture in its history, and it has done everything possible to destabilize and destroy the country ahead of reaching this juncture - rather than lending stability and assistance. It is proof-positive that Washington - no matter how broad the fake smile upon US Ambassador Glyn Davies' face grows - is an enemy, not ally of Thailand.

It is employing through a network of lobbyists, NGOs, and agitators, a concerted campaign to attack and undermine in the eyes of both the world and the Thai people, the legitimacy and stability of Thailand's most revered and important institutions. The fact that they must do this through deception rather than through the use of fact, proves that their despise of Thailand and its institutions are unwarranted and ultimately rooted in self-serving greed, not the pursuit of the many "principles" used to hide their agenda behind.

Defending Thailand in Information Space

Thailand lacks any coherent voice to defend itself internationally, and few voices domestically explaining the inner-workings of this propaganda - leaving both Thais and international audiences at the mercy of a transparently deceitful attack on the nation's institutions, and the peace, stability, and prosperity they have brought Thailand for generations.

Image: Information warfare is a reality of a much larger geopolitical reality emerging. It is just as important to be able to defend a nation across information space as it is upon a physical battlefield. Nations with inadequate capabilities should approach allies for assistance, just as they would to acquire other means of more traditional defense.   
While Thailand finds itself growing closer to nations like China and Russia in terms of military training and exchanges, Thailand should also carefully consider requesting assistance from these allies in order to develop national defense across information space as well.

Until then, the fact that Thailand's enemies must resort to gossip and personal attacks, while they themselves stand accused of egregious crimes, must be pointed out again and again. The attacks will only increase in number and intensity. While the US Embassy in Bangkok will assure Thailand's government that it has nothing to do with the attacks, even a cursory look at US history or the ties that bind Shinawatra's opposition together proves that the US is not only involved, but is at the very center of it. There is little Thailand can do vis-a-vis a nation like the US geopolitically, but one thing it can do that will cost it nothing is to stop extending trust to a nation that has done nothing to deserve it.