Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thai Bombings: FCCT Stacks Panel in Cover-Up for Thaksin

August 17, 2016 (ATN) - The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT) has once again stacked one of its "panel discussions" to push forward a predetermined outcome and help reinforce a politically-motivated narrative the Western media has attempted to promote since a series of bombs tore through Thailand beginning on August 7 and again on August 11-12.

The panel includes faux-academic and Shinawatra lobbyist Anusorn Unno, Rungrawee Chalermsripinyorat - a "political analyst" at the Wall Street-London-funded "International Crisis Group" chaired by one of Shinawatra's own paid lobbyists, Kenneth Adelman, Tony Davis of IHS-Jane's who has already baselessly dismissed any possibility of the bombings being linked to opposition leader Thaksin Shinawatra, and perhaps in an attempt to frame Thailand's tourism industry as doomed, Pornthip Hirunkate, likely to be provided ambush questions whose answers will be taken out of context in a string of distorted Western headlines the following day.

Clearly, the panel is not going to discuss anything at all. Instead, it will simply air out predetermined conclusions, long already decided as part of the FCCT's lobbying activities in Thailand, and the panel itself used to fuel another anti-Thailand news cycle.

The Most Likely Suspects Go Unmentioned 

The bombs coincided with a national referendum which provided an overwhelming mandate for a new charter designed specifically to prevent ousted ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his political supporters from returning to power.

Despite these very same Western media outlets helping Shinawatra's supporters threaten "civil war" in 2014 - the narrative has shifted - claiming now that Shinawatra's supporters are both disinterested and incapable of carrying out acts of much more limited violence than a "civil war," such as terrorism.

Sidestepping any mention of Shinawatra and his supporters as the most likely suspects, the Western media is instead attempting to shift the blame onto southern separatists - despite the fact that the low-intensity conflict in Thailand's deep south has yet to attack targets as far as those struck in the recent bombings. This shift of blame, promoted by Davis and those among Shinawatra's supporters also neglects mention of any rational motivation the separatists would have had to escalate their fighting in such a dramatic way.

Also utterly absent among the FCCT's narrative is any mention of Shinawatra's past use of violence and terrorism, or mention of leaked US diplomatic cables revealing that Shinawatra had supporters in the deep south using the conflict as cover for their own, well-funded subversive activities as early as 2009.

In reality, Shinawatra and his supporters are not only suspects, they are the prime suspects. They have both the means and the motivation to have carried out the bombings. They also have a well-established precedent of using violence and terrorism in the past, including the use of bombings.

While "analysts" promoted by the FCCT focus myopically on the "method" of the bombings, linking it to methods employed by southern separatists, it can be easily assumed that Shinawatra, with supporters operating networks in the deep south since at least 2009, have had ample time to study and replicate such methods.

Why is the FCCT Lying? 

The FCCT is supposed to represent and protect the foreign press in Thailand. Yet it is instead clearly a nexus of foreign lobbying dressed up as "press."

Image: The same media organizations the FCCT represents in Thailand have helped sell injustice of historical scale elsewhere around the world, including in Iraq - an invasion, occupation, and episode of Western mass-murder of historic scale.
The FCCT is monopolized by Western media outlets like the BBC, Reuters, AP, AFP, and other notoriously dishonest, politically-motivated media organizations -  guilty of a raft of distortions of historic scale ranging from the lies that led up to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, to the Western media's role in covering up the special interests and true objectives behind uprising in the Middle East that have since left the region divided and destroyed.

Serving US-European interests in Thailand, they seek to help the pro-Western forces of Thaksin Shinawatra and the growing network of foreign-funded NGOs supporting him back into power.

The lies being told at the FCCT's panels in Bangkok are simply smaller versions of the lies told ahead of the West's more well-known, various, and unending foreign wars. While the damage may be on a smaller scale, the lies told by the FCCT are still helping perpetuate damage that is costing both the lives of innocent people and the stability of Thailand itself.