Monday, December 30, 2013

Thailand: Regime Claims Protesters Dressed As Police to Destroy Own Vehicles

December 30, 2013 (Tony Cartalucci) - With literally scores of police wearing full uniforms moving from the Thai-Japanese Stadium where they had been clashing with protesters for hours before descending upon several vehicles which they proceed to destroy, including the occupied truck of medical volunteers, all caught on camera - the regime is now claiming it was protesters merely "dressed as police" that carried out the criminal act.

The Nation would report in their article, "CAPO alleges protesters disguised as police to smash vehicles," that:
The Center for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) Saturday alleged that some protesters disguised themselves as policemen to smash windshields of people's vehicles near the Bangkok Youth Centre Thursday to blame police for the violence.  
CAPO Spokesman Pol Maj Gen Piya Uthayo said at a press conference that police had arrested a protester who allegedly admitted that he was paid Bt500 to disguise himself as a policeman to hit the vehicles.
Of course, CAPO is blatantly lying. Senior police officials have already admitted it was their men who carried out the vandalism in an interview with veteran reporter Michael Yon. In a Facebook post titled, "Bangkok: Conversation with High Ranking Policeman," Yon would report:
He said that police REALLY did vandalize the vehicle seen in the viral video that I linked (shot by someone else). The high ranking officer did not hide it or pull punches. He said the police are guilty of this. This is fact.
The police would offer Yon an explanation as to why they did so - but "protesters dressed as police" were never mentioned. For the police, it would be difficult to explain - since in the video, 60 police or more can be seen either destroying vehicles or in the background moving in large groups. This would require protesters to steal a large number of complete uniforms and accompanying riot gear, find scores of protesters that fit into them, and stage the vandalism without real police intervening. By all accounts CAPO's explanation is as ridiculous as it is insulting to the intelligence of millions of Thais, and people around the world reading their side of the story in English publications like "The Nation."

We can see the lengths and duplicity the regime is willing to go through in order to redefine reality. When a regime is willing to tell such over-the-top-lies, one must wonder what else they are being dishonest about. While the regime attempts to capitalize on the death of a policeman that day - their own police forensics unit determined that the policeman was shot from an elevated position, not by protesters battling with police in the streets below. The only gunmen spotted on rooftops during the clashes were the regime's. (See: Thailand: Dead Policeman Shot from Above Where Regime Gunmen Were)

It is truly a frightening prospect to see a regime clinging to power with gunmen and fanatical supporters at its disposal, and willing to tell such blatant lies to perpetuate, or even expand the conflict.

For the Thai Police, they must realize that the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra is costing them credibility, legitimacy, and even their own lives as they use them as pawns to keep themselves in power. The senior police officer that spoke with Yon was able to admit to a mistake, while the regime attempts to compound it. An institution like the Royal Thai Police that can admit it made a mistake has a future. However, an institution that allows itself to be used as political pawns does not. It is time for the Thai Police to make a decision.