Saturday, February 1, 2014

Senior Reuters Journalist Mocks Disabled Man

Horrific hate-speech by pen-for-hire Andrew McGregor Marshall - indicative of dying Western journalism and exemplary of Thaksin Shinawatra's foreign backers.  

Image: CNN, BBC, and Foreign Policy magazine have all cited or afforded space to Andrew McGregor Marshall, a paid propagandist working for Robert Amsterdam, who daily engages in hate speech like that seen above - mocking a disabled man. After sweeping condemnation, Marshall has attempted to claim he did not mean to mock the man - however there were hundreds of photos of gunmen from yesterday's clash - considering his background - he is now lying on top of it all instead of offering an apology and his resignation from writing, journalism, or paid-propaganda. Others defending Thaksin Shianwatra's regime in Thailand have defended Marshall's despicable behavior, revealing the true colors of these "pro-democracy" activists.  

February 2, 2014 (ATN) - Andrew McGregor Marshall, a senior editor at Reuters and hired-pen for corporate lobbyist Robert Amsterdam's Amsterdam & Partners, has a troubled track record in both terms of credibility and ethics. While openly working for Reuters, he would pen 10,000 word essays in support of Robert Amsterdam and his client Thaksin Shinawtra - deposed dictator and defacto leader of the current regime in Thailand. Later, he would publicly sever ties with Reuters to pursue his paid writing full-time - while secretly slinking in and out of their office in Singapore for over a year.

His Wikileaks-based "Thai Story" was heavily promoted by the Western media, but equally unread. Despite his consistent failure as both a journalist or even a propagandist, he has been continuously deferred to as an "expert" on the ongoing Thai political conflict. 

Image: Here, Marshall gives an interview to Prachatai - a US State Department-funded propaganda front which initially lied about its extensive foreign funding - all while asking for donations from its readership. The saying, "birds of a feather..." may come to some readers' minds.

The BBC often quotes him (herehere, and here), and Foreign Policy magazine has even afforded him spaceMost recently, CNN afforded him editorial space in a piece titled, "Opinion: Prognosis for divided Thailand bleak, but why?"  CNN claims that he is and "independent journalist and author focusing on Thai politics." 

CNN of course, knows exactly who Marshall is, but depends on the ignorance and lack of inquiry by its readership to ever discover the truth - that they are publishing the work of a paid-propagandist who engages daily in misogyny, hate-speech, overt lies, and slander. 

It is not uncommon for Marshall to post pictures of people on his Twitter timeline and mock their appearance, or to take interest in political opponents of his employers and conduct extensive personal attacks.  

Image: A screen grab of Marshall's immaturity and bias - here aimed at a complete stranger, an elderly woman attending an anti-regime rally in Bangkok. Marshall frequently resorts to name-calling and outright lying while peddling his paid-for agenda - and is a perfect example of what lines the ranks of mainstream Western journalism. 

However, his latest stunt seems to have crossed boundaries that should have him struck from from appearing ever again in any form of media, and provoke open condemnation from whatever journalism organizations he may have belonged to during his stint at Reuters. 

Unidentified, unconfirmed photographs of gunmen participating in a 30 minute shootout yesterday on the outskirts of Bangkok, featured one man carrying a rifle, and another man standing beside him missing both hands. Marshall took the opportunity to mock this man by claiming to have found the "invisible hands" behind the deadly violence the Thaksin regime has been promising and then carrying out daily for months now. 

The grotesque mockery Reuters journalist Andrew McGregor Marshall  has engaged in - published by CNN, interviewed by the BBC, and referenced by Thaksin Shinawatra's paid lobbyist Robert Amsterdam himself - is inexcusable but aptly reflects back on the agenda, means, and methods employed by the West. This is the current, degenerate state of mainstream Western journalism - and while not all mainstream Western journalists are as honest about their lack of credibility or ethics as Marshall, they are all adherents of deceit, bias, and politically motivated vitriol. 

Does CNN,  the BBC, Foreign Policy, and other news agencies truly want to associate with someone like Marshall, whose criticism of a rally is broken down into childish name-calling, assaulting the physical appearance of an elderly woman or mocking a disabled man? Particularly when Marshall also fails as a journalist (or even propagandist) turning off readers, and fumbling with well-paid-for momentum given to him by Western media corporations? 

Of course, for the West and their agenda, there is not much to choose from. To continue spending resources on Andrew Marshall would be welcomed by those interested in truth and objectivity. Keeping such an overt example of exactly what isn't journalism, reminds the general public of not only Marshall's own illegitimacy as a journalist, but of a much larger system that still sees his work as appropriate, let alone in any way valuable.

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