Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thailand: West Organizes Anti-Coup Media Circus

May 27, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - The Associated Press (AP) has published a report, "Thai troops detain gov't minister who blasted coup," as part of a pre-planned media circus involving already wanted/fugitive, ousted regime minster Chaturon Chaisang. Already summoned by the new military-led government, his arrest was inevitable, but the Western press has attempted to leverage his detainment for maximum propaganda value.
Image: Using the FCCT as a venue, the ousted regime in coordination with the Western press has conducted a media circus involving the arrest of former minster Chaturon Chaisang. Chaturon was already wanted in connection with the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra and had fled into hiding. The Western media's goal was to extract maximum propaganda value from his inevitable arrest. Before being taken into custody, Chaturon parroted US State Department demands that Thailand be "returned to civilian rule," in other words, back to a proxy regime ruled openly from Dubai-based fugitive, Thaksin Shinawatra. 
Using the consistently biased Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) as a venue, Chaturon showed up to make his "heroic" last stand against the coup. After parroting US State Department demands that Thailand be "returned to civilian rule," he was promptly arrested as expected.

Chaturon served the regime of convicted criminal, fugitive, mass murderer, billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra who has been running the country illegally from abroad through a series of nepotist-appointed proxies including his own brother-in-law and his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra. The regime's 10 year grip on Thailand has left the Southeast Asian country teetering on the edge of socioeconomic collapse after a wave of unprecedented human rights abuses, corrupt populist policies that have bankrupted public funds, and ongoing political intimidation and terrorism aimed at monopolizing Thailand's political landscape.

The recent coup has begun uprooting the Shinawatra political machine, to the relief of 10's of millions of Thais. Before Chaturon was arrested, he warned of "resistance to the army overthrow," which could lead to "a disaster for this country." This echoes threats printed in recently in TIME Magazine of an impending terrorist campaign executed by the ousted regime. Chaturon's parting threat is precisely why he and his fellow accomplices are being detained in the first place.