Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Secret Behind Thailand’s Anti-112 Protests

March 6, 2021 (Brian Berletic - LD) - Thai protesters and their Western backers claim their opposition to Thailand’s Article 112 - an anti-defamation law that protects the Thai head of state - is based on “free speech” and “human rights” concerns. 

In reality this opposition to article 112 is rooted in the West’s desire to remove Thailand’s source of unity and sovereignty as part of a wider regime change agenda against Thailand, and a region-wide reordering aimed at isolating China.


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Brian Berletic, formally known under the pen name "Tony Cartalucci" is a geopolitical researcher, writer, and video producer (YouTube here and BitChute here) based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a regular contributor to New Eastern Outlook and more recently, 21st Century Wire. You can support his work via Patreon here.