Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thailand: Embattled Regime Buses in Mob

Clashes erupt as regime attempts to put down massive protests. 

UPDATE: Regime thugs have been moving outside of the stadium their pro-regime rally has been held for the past week and have confronted students that have gathered in nearby Ramkamhaeng University to protest. Militants armed with shotguns and pistols fired on the students, killing several an wounding many more. The Western press has failed to report which side the causalties were on, or who fired the shots, and will delay doing so for as long as possible to shelter the embattled regime. Photos and full story to follow....

November 30, 2013 (Tony Cartalucci) - According to TIME magazine and other Western publications, we are to believe that the current protests in Thailand sweeping the nation are attempts by the elitist "middle class" to overthrow a rural grassroots, democratically elected government. Unprecedented numbers have swelled in the streets and spread to the provinces, including into rural strongholds once considered the exclusive domain of the Thaksin Shinawatra regime.

Image: Astroturf - by the bus load. The fumbling regime has resorted to busing in supporters to counter unprecedented numbers of protesters in the streets demanding an end to the Wall Street-backed Shinawatra regime.State resources, including an extensive police escort, have been spent in an attempt to bolster the illusion that the current regime has the people's backing - a page out of the old tattered playbook of despots everywhere. 

For a week now, the regime has attempted to bolster a counter rally it is holding at Bangkok's Rajamangala Stadium, but with little success. Despite many times the number needed to fill the stadium living within walking distance, the regime has resorted to busing in protesters from all over the country and still cannot manage to fill it. Now, protesters have assembled outside the stadium, mostly students from nearby Ramkhamhaeng University, demanding that the loud, 24/7 vitriol be brought to an end so they can resume with their studies.

Image: Thousands of students and protesters descend on Bangkok's Rajamangala Stadium where the regime has been holding a 24/7, week-long rally in support of dictator Thaksin Shinawatra and his nepotist appointed proxy, Yingluck Shinawatra. Amongst their grievances is the unending noise and vitriol emanating from the stadium, preventing students and residents from any semblance of peace.

Reports are showing the regime rushing buses into the city with police escorts to bolster its outnumbered mobs, while pro-regime mob leaders have promised to use violence if protesters attempted to surround the stadium.

Already, pro-regime thugs, armed with clubs, have rushed out of the stadium to meet the students in the streets, leading to injuries and with Thaksin-aligned police (Thaksin being a former police lieutenant-colonel himself) closing off roads to the stadium to prevent protesters from mobilizing again, claiming dissenting residents, not the regime's mobs, were attempting to incite unrest. For the regime, it is essential to keep a mob on hand for when the government falls, as it plans to send them out into the streets as canon fodder for Western journalists to then claim "the people" are fighting to restore their "overthrown democracy." 

With regime buses coming to the city and pro-regime mob leaders pledging to "give their lives" to defend the regime, more clashes are all but guaranteed. The regime's refusal to step down in the face of unprecedented dissent has incrementally escalated tensions across the country. The regime has admitted, according to Bangkok's Nation in their article, "Govt ups ante in publicity battle with protesters," that (emphasis added): 

"We have rejected several parties' demands for a House dissolution. The party's [Thaksin's Peua Thai Party] urgent strategy is to create fear among the public that the anti-government protests are violating the law," the source said.
Clearly, leading pro-regime mobs against the swelling ranks of protesters aims to create the violence needed to claim the protests have overstepped their bounds, and allow police aligned with the regime to use excessive force in dispersing protesters.