Friday, June 26, 2015

Thailand: Ousted Regime's Police Chief Caught With Gun in Japanese Airport

Yet more evidence the regime ousted in the 2014 military coup was riddled with criminals unfit to hold power. 

June 27, 2015
(Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - Former Thai police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang who served under the regime of ousted prime minister, convicted criminal, and mass murderer Thaksin Shinawatra, was recently arrested at Tokyo's Narita International Airport for possession of a pistol and ammunition, Bangkok Post would report

The humiliating incident highlights the craven criminality and sense of entitlement that saturated the ranks of Shinawatra's regime - a regime that was carrying out terrorist attacks on opposition protesters and assassinating political rivals as Kamronwit Thoopkrachang sat as police chief. 

Considering the immense support Wall Street and Washington have provided the Shinawatra regime and their continued efforts to reinstall it into power, it is quite clear why little news of this incident has made it into the Western media. 

One could only imagine if this was a senior figure in the current Thai government  which the West has attempted consistently to undermine since it took power in 2014. TIME Magazine would have an article. The Economist would have an article. Surely Jonathan Head of the BBC would have an article - all centered on how a "backwards military junta" was out of touch with the modern world and forgot it wasn't as "above the law" abroad as it thought it was at home.

For the Western media to give extensive coverage to this most recent incident would require an admission that the regime ousted in the 2014 military coup may just have been unfit to hold power.

Kamronwit Thoopkrachang's criminal act is par for the course for a regime that saw itself above the law both at home and with tremendous US-European special interests backing them abroad. Thaksin Shinawatra himself, after all, is a convicted criminal and a mass murderer, yet has been afforded special visas to both Japan and even the United States.

For the disingenuous US-backed "pro-democracy activists" in Thailand who endlessly wring their hands over "double standards," it is an episode of acute irony that yet another senior member of the political camp they support will likely go free, not only legally, but also in the eyes of the Western media, specifically because of very real double standards, elitism, and immense inequality not arrayed against them, but emanating from them.