Friday, July 31, 2020

Academic-Turned-Politician Piyabutr Reveals Hand in Recent Protests

August 1, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN)  Opposition figure Piyabutr Saengkanokkul - co-founder of the disbanded Future Forward Party and now co-founder of its spin-off, the Progressive Movement - has all but openly demanded his and his party's demands be met or unrest in the streets would escalate. 

Piyabutr's role at the center of ongoing unrest is the culmination of years of serving fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra and his efforts to return to power by any means necessary. It is no coincidence that "student protesters" are making identical demands to his own party's demands that the current government step down and that the Thai constitution be rewritten. 

Image: Thaksin Shinawatra's lobbyist Robert Amsterdam sits in the front row at one of Piyabutr's "Nitirat" seminars which were little more than indoor "red shirt" rallies. 
The Bangkok Post would report in their article, "Pay heed to protesters, Piyabutr says," that:
Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, a co-founder of the Progressive Movement, has proposed that some controversial constitutional provisions, particularly on the Senate, be amended to mollify anti-government protesters.
He said the House of Representatives should respond to demands by student activists to prevent political tensions boiling over by initiating charter changes.
Amending the current Thai constitution would help pave the way for fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra and his Pheu Thai Party and his various political proxies including Piyabutr, his billionaire co-founder Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit for whom he works, the Progressive Movement, and Future Forward/Move Forward to take power.

The currently appointed Thai Senate which Piyabutr seeks to elimate serves as a check and balance against fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and his foreign backers' subversive and deeply corrupt electioneering. Previously, Thaksin has run multiple governments from abroad through nepotist-appointed nominees including his brother-in-law and sister who both sat in his place as prime minster.

Piyabutr's comments and how they connect him to recent protests come as no surprise.

Despite Piyabutr and others in Future Forward denying any connection to ongoing "student protests" Piyabutr and Future Forward have openly supported the protests publically and now politically, and have been clearly organizing the protests against the Thai military and the current government for years now. 

While claiming to do so for "democracy" and "human rights," Piyabutr - like Thanathorn - has direct ties and a proven track record as a proxy of Thaksin Shinawatra and the foreign interests and agenda he represents - interests that run at cross purposes to not only genuine democracy and human rights, but to Thailand's independence and sovereignty.

It should be noted that while Thailand's current constitution was passed by public referendum, Piyabutr's "amendments" are being demanded specifically without any process of seeking public approval beforehand.

Piyabutr Played Key Role in Transforming Thaksin's Violent "Red Shirts" into "Student Protesters" 

Piyabutr - previously a lecturer at Thammasat University - has played a key in helping rebrand fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra's ultra-violent street mobs - the "red shirts" - into the supposed "student protesters" now taking to the streets.

Image: A mob in transition. Piyabutr's "Nitirat" seminars were little more than Thaksin's "red shirts" rallying indoors. While some audience members can be seen wearing "Nitirat" merchandise, others can be seen literally wearing their red shirts while several audience members carry portraits of Thaksin's sister - Yingluck Shinawatra.
In 2009 and 2010 Thaksin's "red shirts" carried out unprecedented violence across the country including terrorism, looting, and arson. Tainted by the violence - Thaksin and his various proxies have since struggled to rebrand their street front in a bid to carry out a renewed campaign of unrest.

As early as 2013 Piyabutr and his front - "Nitirat" - held academic seminars that were little more than indoor red shirt rallies compete with Thaksin Shinawatra's paid lobbyist - Robert Amsterdam - sitting in the front row and audience members donning red shirts and carrying portraits of the fugitive billionaire and his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra who was Thai prime minister from 2011-2014.

Image: US government-funded propaganda front Prachatai promoted one of Piyabutr's "events" and noted Amsterdam's attendance. Piyabutr and his rebranded "red shirts" now posing as "student protesters" are at the center of brooding unrest in Thailand today.
The goal of these seminars - along with extensive investments by the US State Department - was to transform the image of Thaksin's red shirts from violent street thugs and paid astroturf into academics and youthful student protesters. 

Piyabutr's role in hosting Thaksin's red shirts in the past and helping provide them a cloak of legitimacy through academia is rarely if ever mentioned by media reports today which instead insist links between him, Future Forward, and Thaksin are "conspiracy theories."  

However, these documented efforts have continued until present day where Thaksin's proxies now lead so-called "student protests" in Bangkok and at universities in Thailand's Northeast - the center of Thaksin's political support.

It is important to not only point out the many obvious connections between current "student protests" and their political and foreign sponsors today - but to expose how these "student movements" took shape in the first place and how deeply dishonest political figures like Piyabutr Saengkanokkul hide behind academia deeply infiltrated by foreign interests to promote the agenda of his corrupt billionaire backers and foreign sponsors.

It is also important to note how the media is ignoring all of this or even playing an active role in distracting attention away from it.