Sunday, July 19, 2020

Billionaires Thaksin/Thanathorn Pull Protest's Strings

Current "student" protests are a rebrand of Thaksin's deadly red shirts and early protests led by Future Forward/Move Forward party members. Western media covers up truth to maximize potential conflict.   

July 20, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - Evidence is emerging daily to confirm the already obvious fact that recent anti-government protests are led by and for convicted criminal and billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and his various nominees including nepotist billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and his Future Forward/Move Forward party. 

Both political parties' street activities have received significant funding from the US government in a bid to stand up a client regime that will roll back Thai-Chinese ties and pay into Washington's ambitions to reestablish "primacy" in the region. 

None of this is mentioned by the pro-Western media in Thailand or by Western media outlets like the BBC, AFP, AP, Reuters, and others. Instead, protests are presented as "organic," "student-led," and "pro-democracy." 

Clumsy Rebranding Revealed as Pheu Thai, Red Shirts, "Move Forward" Mobilize

Thanathorn literally led several of the earliest protests - but protests have been rebranded several times and attempts have been made to hide the hand of Thanathorn, his Future Forward - renamed to Move Forward - as well as Thaksin's own Pheu Thai and his violent street front - the "United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship" (UDD) otherwise known as "red shirts." 

Despite this, Thaksin's red shirts could be clearly seen literally wearing their red shirts at recent rallies. Both Thaksin and Thanathorn's political networks are still clearly helping to organize and pad demonstrations with attendees as well as using their well-funded media networks and online presence to promote events.

So-called "students" leading the protests are openly supported by Thaksin and Thanathorn's collective political machine with Thanathorn himself openly voicing support for them. These "students" also belong to a collection of organizations that have in the past openly supported both Pheu Thai and Future Forward/Move Forward with several of them literally serving as actual party members.
In Rangsima Rome's case, he literally became a member of parliament (MP) in Thanathorn's Future Forward Party now renamed "Move Forward Party."

At least one member of parliament from Thanathorn's political party was at the July 18th protest in Bangkok with anti-government Khaosod editor Pravit Rojanaphruk admitting as much in a social media post made shortly after. 

One of Thaksin's red shirt leaders - Jatuporn Prompan - who led deadly violence in 2009 and 2010 and whose street mobs are responsible for scores of deaths and billions of dollars in damage from arson and looting - also openly voiced support for recent protests. Protests in Thailand's northeast most certainly benefitted from Thaksin's Pheu Thai/red shirt political machinery which is well adept at filling the ranks of mobs. 

The Bangkok Post in its article, "Chiang Mai, Ubon rally to oust Prayut, government," would admit: 
Jatuporn Prompan, chairman of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, on Sunday sent a message to the protesters, saying they should make their demands loud and clear. Their statement calls for Gen Prayut to dissolve the House, end intimidation of citizens and draft a new charter.

On his Facebook page, Mr Jatuporn advised protesters to avoid the issue of the monarchy and called for patience and open-mindedness from authorities as the rally was held with good intentions.
Violence led by Jatuporn and carried out by Thaksin's red shirts included terrorism, bombings, shootings, grenade attacks, and the use of war weapons.

Thaksin's red shirts would again carry out violence against protesters opposed to Thaksin's sister - Yingluck Shinawatra - in 2014. Again, war weapons were employed, protest leaders attacked, and bystanders including women and children killed in multiple grenade attacks.

None of this backstory is included in articles by the Bangkok Post or Western media sources like the BBC, AP, AFP, and Reuters to remind readers where these recent protests originated from, who really leads them, and the instability, death, and destruction they created for Thailand. This is done deliberately by the Western media who has long served as a willing promoter of Western foreign policy including Washington and London's extensive political interference around the globe.

Knowing who is really behind these "student protests" and that the violence of 2009-2010 as well as the deadly response from Thaksin and his "red shirts" to peaceful protests in 2014 will be repeated once again cuts through the "pro-democracy" rhetoric and excuses current protests are putting up in what is otherwise a transparent bid to oust the current government and pave the way for corrupt billionaires Thaksin and Thanathorn to assume power.