Sunday, August 23, 2020

Poll Indicates Thai Public Unaware of Protest's Real Backers

August 23, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - A Bangkok Post article citing a Suan Dusit poll claimed that the majority of the Thai public - 53.71% - supported ongoing protests "saying they are exercising fundamental rights with a clear intention of wanting to see true democracy."

However - and much more disturbingly - the poll revealed only, "38.90% thought they might have some clandestine supporters." While this number seems significantly high, it is a verified fact that the protesters have clandestine supporters. Thus it is clear that the majority of the Thai public is still unaware of this fact - so while the recent poll reflects opinions - they are not informed opinions.

Thai Protest is US-Backed Color Revolution

Of course - virtually every organization involved in the current Thai protests are funded by the US government via the notorious regime change front, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Thailand in recent years has tilted too far toward China for Washington's liking and so the US has embarked on a campaign to either oust the current political order or simply plunge Thailand into chaos and deprive China of a valuable economic, political, and military partner.

US funding goes to the protest leaders themselves - like Anon Nampa of the US government-funded "Thai Lawyers for Human Rights" (TLHR).

Fronts like iLaw attempting to rewrite Thailand's entire constitution, are likewise funded by the US government.

No poll question was asked of Thais whether they agreed or not with a foreign power being involved in the rewriting of their constitution - especially a foreign power that has destroyed multiple nations around the globe in recent years through similar "political interventions."

There are fake news fronts like Prachatai providing bias coverage in favor of the protests also funded by the US NED. Prachatai attempts to conceal this funding from its readers and has regularly claimed its foreign funding has no impact on its activities despite Prachatai's director being a US NED "fellow."

Then there are the protesters themselves with groups like "Assembly for the Poor" confirmed to be US government funded and demonstrably padding out protests with their members.

US government funding hidden from the public and unspoken by the Western media and their Thai partners promoting the protests in Thailand most certainly constitutes "clandestine supporters."

If the Thai public had wider awareness of this foreign funding and the true nature of the National Endowment for Democracy - that it is neither "national" nor promoting "democracy," the Suan Dusit poll would most certainly be tilted in opposition to current protests.

If Thais were asked if they supported or were against the US turning Thailand into its next regime change "success" story - in the wake of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and Hong Kong - with the above information in mind - the Suan Dusit poll most certainly would have reflected different and most certainly better informed opinions.

Only through concerted and continued disinformation can this agenda move forward - unseen and thus unopposed by Thais who are asked irrelevant questions about a "pro-democracy" protest that does not factually exist and who - at the moment - lack all the information required to have an informed opinion about what these protests really are.