Monday, August 17, 2020

US-Funded Agitators in Hong Kong Back Thai Protests

US uses region-wide network of sedition to create the illusion of widespread support for color revolution in Thailand. 

August 18, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - The Western media continues portraying anti-government protests in Thailand as "student-led" despite the US-backed billionaire-led opposition openly vowing to take to the streets just months ago.

The West is also covering up that core leaders and organizations leading the protests are directly funded by the US government via the notorious regime-change front, the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Now, the US is mobilizing other fronts in the region it is funding - including in Hong Kong - to create the illusion of wider support for Thailand's anti-government protests.

Joshua Wong - who literally travelled to Washington D.C. to lobby for and receive direct aid from the US government for violent mobs he led in Hong Kong - has taken to social media to bolster the image of Thai mobs in a bid to help replicate the Hong Kong opposition's "success" in Thailand.

Unmentioned by Wong is the true common denominator linking the two protest movements - not a love of "democracy" but a steady stream of money and supp

He claimed in a 3-part post on Twitter that:

1. Two days ahead of another rally on Aug 16, it is horrifying to know Thai police just forcibly arrested student leader Parit Chiwarak and bundled him into a car, to crush our Thai fellows' call for changes. 

2. When our next generations fight with sweat and tear for a better future where people can live with dignity, justice and liberty, there's nothing more ridiculous for the dark power of tyranny to turn the clock back with suppression and draconian laws.

3. Force and fear won't kill our spirit of resistance, and can never take away our future and imprison our soul. As situation in Thailand turns critical, I hope all freedom-loving people can stand with Thailand and save Parit.  

Wong omits that his "freedom-loving people" in Hong Kong destroyed the city, burned infrastructure, threatened and intimidated political opponents, attempted to assassinate rival politicians, and even lit an elderly man on fire for simply speaking up against protests.

He also omits that in Wong's pursuit of "liberty, dignity and justice" he has taken directives, money, and political support from the United States - guilty of the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century - crimes that are currently still ongoing.

Also not mentioned is that the movement Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak leads is also US government-funded.

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Parit himself travelled to Hong Kong to meet Joshua Wong. And while Parit and other "students" are portrayed as the leaders of ongoing protests in Thailand - it was corrupt billionaires Thaksin Shinawatra and Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit who vowed as recently as December 2019 to take to the streets.

Like their US backers, these billionaires are guilty of some of the worst abuses in Thailand's history. Thaksin Shinawatra killed thousands while in power from 2001-2006 including nearly 3,000 during a 90 day "war on drugs" in 2003, 85 protesters in a single day in 2004, and 18 other opponents who "disappeared" or were outright assassinated during his time in power. Many more have died amid his attempts to return himself to power.

Thaksin Shianwatra has used various proxies in his bid to return to power including fellow billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and his Future Forward/Move Forward Party. Upon losing 2019 elections, Thanathorn vowed to take to the streets.

Realizing how little legitimacy a protest led by a power-hungry billionaire would look - the mobs that he organized were passed off by a supportive Western media as "students" and openly copied the tactics and style of US-backed unrest in Hong Kong.

Thanathorn too visited Hong Kong and met with Joshua Wong.

Reuters in its article, "China denounces Thai politicians for show of support to Hong Kong activists," would note:

The Chinese embassy in Bangkok has condemned Thai politicians for showing support for Hong Kong activists involved in anti-government protests, saying it could harm the relationship between the two countries.

It also mentioned Thanathorn specifically, reporting:

The embassy criticism, in a statement on its official Facebook page late on Thursday, came days after Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong posted a picture on social media with prominent Thai opposition politician Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit.
The article notes the Thai government's suspicions that Joshua Wong and the front he represents were coordinating with similar fronts in Thailand.

The physical and political ties between US-backed sedition in Hong Kong and Thailand also manifests itself digitally in the form of the so-called "Milk Tea Alliance," an online propaganda tool that amplifies US-backed regime change propaganda across US-based social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as promoting the overall anti-Chinese agenda of the US State Department.

Democracy by definition is a process of self-determination - yet everything about protests in Thailand and Hong Kong are being determined and influenced from beyond Asia's borders with students serving merely as a front for both corrupt billionaires within Thailand and Hong Kong and their foreign sponsors attempting to seize power and co-opt local sovereignty - especially in regards to rolling back China.