Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thailand: Anti-Coup "Activists" Celebrate Coup

June 24, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - In a display of unparalleled hypocrisy, supporters of ousted prime minister, convicted criminal, and mass murderer Thaksin Shinawatra - who have stalwartly condemned the 2014 coup as "undemocratic," have gathered to commemorate and celebrate the 1932 military coup that ended absolute monarchy in Thailand.

1932 Was About Colonialists Overwriting Thai Institutions, Not Democracy  

Ironically, the 1932 coup led to a fascist dictatorship that was eventually overturned when Thailand's monarchy reestablished itself as the constitutional monarchy it exists as to this day. The facilitator of the 1932 coup is suspected of involvement in the assassination of King Rama VIII, and fled Thailand with the help of his US and British facilitators, later dying in exile in France.

Image: No amount of photographic trickery can help enlarge this miniscule gathering of Shinawatra supporters. While they predicate their entire movement on the concept that power cannot be seized through any other means but elections, they have gathered to celebrate the 1932 military coup in which power was seized through another means other than elections. The transparent, almost cartoonish dishonesty of this movement is chiefly to blame for its small following and utter ineffectiveness. 

Nothing regarding the 1932 coup truly involved "democracy." What it truly represented was foreign-backed attempts to overturn and control the political order of Thailand, and thus help maintain European hegemony over the Indochina region, which at the time was still bent in servile colonialism to Britain, France, and to a lesser extent, the United States. Similar "governments in exile" are still bidding their time in Europe today, until conditions are ripe in their home nations for them to seize power and subsequently serve their European hosts. These include Syrians, Iranians, and even fugitives from Thailand itself.

Today, Thaksin Shinawatra serves as the 1932 coup mastermind's analog. He is also the recipient of immense foreign backing, including full-spectrum media support, sweeping Washington lobbying campaigns, and coordinated support from the largest corporate financier monopolies on Earth. He too has spent time hiding in Europe before finally taking up semi-permanent residence in Dubai. 
Bangkok-based newspaper, the Nation reported in its article titled, "Activists gather to commemorate 1932 revolution," that:
Political activists and poets Wednesday morning gathered at the Royal Plaza to commemorate the People's Party or Khana Ratsadon and the revolution which brought democracy to the country marking its 83rd anniversary.
The Nation fails to identify who organized the event, or how many attended, but accompanying pictures indicate not even 20 people were present, with the rest being media attempting to blow the non-event out of proportion as has been common practice at all pro-Shinawatra public stunts. It is also clear that many of the attendees were Shinawatra's "red shirts," even literally wearing their red shirts to the event.

What it Means When "Anti-Coup Activists" Support Coups

Alleged "anti-coup activists" who predicate their entire movement on the illegitimacy of seizing power through any means besides elections, gathering to celebrate the seizure of power through a means besides elections, illustrates the true motives and agenda of what are in all actuality, pro-Shinawatra lobbyists. Military coups, from their perspective, are clearly acceptable so long as it results in moving their own agenda forward. This also helps explain their affinity for terrorism, violent mobs, assassinations, and other forms of political intimidation.

Image: Imperial Indochina carved up entirely between Britain, France, the United States, and the Netherlands, all except Siam (Thailand), an oversight the British and Americans sought to rectify with the 1932 military coup. Just as the West uses the pretext of "democracy" and "freedom" today to justify extraterritorial meddling, it too used the facade of "democracy" then to justify what was in reality simple imperialism.

Their agenda is clearly the destruction of Thailand's monarchy, be it absolute or constitutional. Furthermore, considering the wide and enduring popularity of Thailand's monarchy, the love, respect, reverence, inspiration and well-established people's mandate for both its existence and the role it plays in Thai society, it is clear that these "activists" are not only unconcerned with the actual popular, prevailing will of the people, they hold it in absolute contempt.

Indeed, the Shinawatra supporters gathering to commemorate the 1932 military coup are merely hiding behind democracy to promote what is a thinly disguised attack on Thailand's culture, its history, and its current institutions and political order. It is also an attack on the very principles of popular mandate they claim to represent. They seek to impose an unpopular, foreign-inspired, funded, and directed proxy regime ruling with neo-liberalism created by and specifically serving the interests of the same corporate-financier monopolies that exerted colonialism across Indochina long ago.

Just as it was then, it is now - where ambitious traitors and easily influenced cadres of pseudo-intellectuals eagerly serve foreign interests both out of pure treachery and greed, as well as out of the misguided belief in the racist hegemonic superiority foreign powers advertise as "civilization" they are merely "gracing" foreign peoples and lands with. And while many of these traitorous facilitators may even begin to believe their own rhetoric, few others have. As information  technology makes it easier for the truth to spread and the inner workings of age-old imperialism to be revealed, their tricks persuade fewer and fewer hearts, their treacherous words fall on fewer and fewer receptive ears.