Sunday, August 9, 2020

Thai "Students" Fight for Thaksin, Not Democracy

Protesters want current government to step down - won't admit Western-backed billionaire fugitive and rights abuser Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxies will most certainly take power if they do. 

August 10, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - ATN) - Bangkok Post's Paritta Wangkiat would begin another op-ed supporting ongoing protests by claiming:
Remember how just two decades ago, Thailand was regarded as a progressive democracy among Asian nations? The recent arrests of a civil rights lawyer and a student activist, which appear to be the prelude to a widespread crackdown on youth movements, made me lose hope over the state of democracy in the country.
She also fondly remembers the 1997 "People's Constitution."

"Coincidentally," this was also the time period Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxies were in power.

What she conveniently forgets - somehow - is how over two decades ago and under the 1997 "People's Constitution" the worst human rights abuses in Thailand's history took place. The worst corruption also unfolded during this time - leading to the 2006 coup and political instability ever since.

Under the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra from 2001-2006 mass murder, assassinations, disappearances, and the silencing of the media were regular occurrences.

Perhaps these events were so tragic columnists like Paritta have blocked them from their minds? Much more likely however, is that they go unspoken because of how painfully inconvenient they are for a movement merely dressed up as being "pro-democracy."

For Paritta personally, she is a recipient of an "award" handed out by Amnesty International - a front posing as a human rights advocacy organization funded and directed by and for US special interests.

She is also has on at least one occasion contributed to an article in the Washington Post whitewashing former Thai prime minister, now fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra in which not a single mention was made about his killing of nearly 3,000 people while in power from 2001-2006.

Should Paritta or others like her speak actual truth she will certainly no longer be handed awards by US government fronts like Amnesty International or have her name included in articles published by papers like the Washington Post. Paritta and others must pick between the isolation that comes with actually having genuine integrity, or the fame and recognition associated with merely maintaining the illusion of having it.

In 2003 alone - in just 90 days - nearly 3,000 people would be extrajudicially executed in the streets amid Thaksin Shinawatra's politically-motivated "war on drugs." In 2004 amid Thaksin's aggressive policy in Thailand's deep south - 85 protesters would die in a single day in what is now called the Tak Bai incident.

Thaksin was notorious for intimidating the press and crushing dissent.

According to Amnesty International, 18 human rights defenders were either assassinated or disappeared during his first term in office. Among them was human rights activist and lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit. He was last seen in 2004 being arrested by police and never seen again. 

Also throughout Thaksin's administration, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) claimed in its report, "Attacks on the Press 2004: Thailand" that the regime was guilty of financial interference, legal intimidation, and coercion of the press."

Onward from the coup which ousted him in 2006, Thaksin Shinawatra has attempted to return himself to power. He has done so through a series of nepotist-appointed proxy regimes headed by first his own brother-in-law and then his own sister who was ousted in the most recent coup in 2014.

Thaksin Shinawatra also resorted to violent street protests which in 2009 and again in 2010 featured armed protesters, looting, and arson. In 2010 heavily armed militants also joined the protests, tipping off gun battles in the streets that left nearly 100 dead. 

Right before Thaksin's sister - Yingluck Shinawatra - was ousted from power, massive street protests against her regime were countered with the same militants - leaving over 20 dead including women and children. 

From 2014 onward, Thaksin Shinawatra has continued to use street protests ranging from his "red shirts" to a growing front comprised of so-called "students." 

These students organized under the "Student Union of Thailand" are led by figures who are openly pro-Thaksin - yet their love and support for Thailand's most abusive leader is never discussed or even admitted in the media. 

People like Paritta at the Bangkok Post and many like her all across the Western media not only never mention this - they deflect away from any mention of it with personal attacks or even censorship.

A similar strategy is used to deflect away from mentioning substantial US government funding behind groups leading and supporting current protests - or the malign agenda the US pursues amid its political interference in Thailand. 

They never mention how the make-believe dictatorship "students" label the current government as pales in comparison to the reality of Thaksin Shinawatra's administration from 2001-2006 or the fact that Thaksin and his political machine will most certainly take power once again if the current government steps aside. 

Even politicians like Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and his Future Forward/Move Forward Party are linked directly to Thaksin Shinawatra - with Thanathorn himself admitting he supported both Thaksin Shinawatra's Pheu Thai Party and his red shirt street mobs. 

Thanathorn's political headquarters is located literally next door to Thaksin's Pheu Thai building. They share press conferences, policies, platforms, demands, and Thaksin's Pheu Thai literally nominated Thanathorn as their candidate for prime minister following 2019's general election.  

Protesters never mention this and never mention that bringing Thaksin and his proxies back to power is ultimately the goal they are pursuing. 

The protests seek to bring Thaksin Shinawatra and his political allies back to power - people guilty in reality of the crimes "students" are accusing the current government of in fiction. 

They know this agenda has little moral or ethical means to justify it - which is precisely why "democracy" was chosen by the protesters and those like Paritta as the facade behind which they pursue this agenda.